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Everything Easter 🐰

Everything Easter 🐰


Can you believe it's that time of year again?! Just like that, it's a four day long weekend for many of us. Here are a few of our favourite trends for this Easter: 

Easter bunny cocktails
If you love chocolate and you love cocktails, then this one is for you! All you need is some chocolate easter bunnies, the cocktail mix of your choice (we recommend something that goes well with chocolate, like berry), and some fun straws and you are sorted. Cut the top of the chocolate bunnies off, fill with your cocktail and serve. You can also do this with big, hollow easter eggs!

Easter is such a colourful time of year, so go nuts with the colours. Use our Dip n Sip + Drink Candy to rim all your drinks (yes, even the chocolate bunnies), add lots of yummy fruit or go really naughty and cover everything in lollies. Whatever you prefer, just make sure there is a lot of it! 

The hunt
We all remember the Easter egg hunts from when we were young-ins, so why not create one for the adults too? Place small gifts and treats in your house or backyard and get everyone searching for it. If you're wanting slightly boujier gifts (or even just a break from all the chocolate), why not create a treasure hunt styled search, where the team look for clues to then find the ultimate treasure in a secret hiding place.

What about the table? 
Keep the colour going strong with beautiful table decorations! We're loving painting or dying some egg shells with some bright and beautiful patterns, and then mixing them through some native flora as a centre piece for the table. 

You know the old saying - giving is better than receiving, and that is definitely true on Easter. There is only so much chocolate you can eat, so may as well spread some of the delicious love around ❤️

Enjoy xx

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