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Hot vibes for cool months

Hot vibes for cool months


Heya Fam, 

Ok so the sun may be setting earlier and it's getting slightly cooler, but we are HERE FOR IT! Every season is to be celebrated 💖 Here are some of our fave cooler month activities...

  • Time to sort that wardrobe out! Summer styles can be packed away, and fluffy jumpers, big boots, and fun jeans can come back out. Why not do this with a friend, and you can make it a mini clothes swap at the same time!
  • Cocktail nights. You've seen them on TikTok, but have you tried one? They are SO fun and perfect for rainy nights. Pick a theme, buy your sparkling shimmer syrups for each cocktail, get your accessories sorted, and get the girls over! 
  • Netflix, Binge, SBS on Demand... time to catch up on everything
  • Yoga every morning - it does WONDERS to your mind, body and soul ❤️
  • Have a lunch party! Make the most of the sunny hours of the day and host a dinner party, but in the day time. Who doesn't love some day drinking (and eating of course)
  • Look for restaurants with fireplaces. There is something SO nice about eating near an open (but controlled and safe) flame 🔥

Enjoy! xx

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