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How To Use Drink Candy

How To Use Drink Candy

The best tips on how to keep your drink rim game strong all night long 💪

Want to give your cocktails that extra glamorous touch? There is a super simple way to spice up your drinks, and it’s by using edible drink candy! Drink candy adds a magical, elegant extra touch to any drink. The sprinkles add colour, flavour and texture, and it’s super easy to use 👏

Drink candy is usually a sugar based hard sweet that is so small, it can be stuck onto the rim of the glass. They come in a whole range of colours, flavours, shapes and sizes, so you can always find something for everyone and every occasion. We have a large range available online now, so if you’re liking the sound of this, we’ve got you covered. 

Using drink candy is honestly so easy, yet it looks so professional! It’s a great little trick to level up those drinks...

There are several different ways you can attach drink candy to your glassware. Depending on what candy you are using, you may need to use a different method. Larger, heavier pieces of candy will need a thicker substance to stick to the glass. Sounding all a bit much? Don’t worry - we’ve got a simple break down for you below ☺️

Lemon/ lime juice

Rimming your glass with lemon and lime is a nice and easy solution that can really compliment the flavours of the drink. The only thing with this, is it’s really only good for salt or other spices. For drink candies, it’s not quite strong enough. 

To apply, simply rub a lemon or lime around the rim of the glass, and sprinkle on your salt or herbs. 

Confectioners/ icing sugar 

This is super easy and a lot of people will have the ingredients already at home. All you need is confectioners sugar/ icing sugar and water. Mix the two together, and you’ve got a super simple but strong edible ‘glue’ for your candies. This is great for small to mid size candies. 

To use, you will need to put your drink candies in a shallow bowl or plate, or into the drink candy tray of your Dip n Sip. In a separate plate, mix 2 TBSP of icing sugar and 1 Tspn of water together. Dip the rim of the glass into the icing sugar and water mix and rotate, so the entire rim is covered. Then immediately repeat the action in the drink candies. That’s it, you’re then done!

Sugar syrup

This is our go to as it is convenient, quick, and effective. Simply use the sugar syrup that comes with the Dip n Sip (our glass rimming device), or buy from your local supermarket. Rim your glass using the Dip n Sip, and then dip into your drink candy. Perfect coverage every time. 


This is also super easy to do, and an incredibly strong solution, but something you probably won’t have at home in the fridge. All you need for this edible glue is store-bought frosting (or if you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own), and bob's your uncle! This is the strongest of all the suggestions, however do be careful because liquid or heat can make this guy melt faster than a twin pole on a hot day. 

To use, you will need to put your drink candies in a shallow bowl or plate, or your Dip n Sip. If you are using a narrow glass e.g. a champagne flute, you can dip this directly into the frosting jar so just the first few millimetres of the glass are covered. If you are using a larger glass, spread some frosting onto a plate and place the rim of the glass in. Once the entire rim is entirely covered with frosting, immediately repeat the action in the drink candies plate. 

A few important notes...

  • The bowls/ plates used for the icing sugar mix and the drink candies will need to be larger than the circumference of the glassware you are using, so that the whole rim fits. For ease and the perfect application every time, make sure you get our Dip n Sip 

  • We suggest giving each side of the glass a gentle tap after the candies are applied so that it gives the glass a better chance of getting the drink candy to stick.

  • If the sprinkles are looking a bit sparse in one particular area, that’s okay! Use your finger to scoop a little bit more frosting or sugar mixture and pop it onto that area to dip into the candy again.

  • If you want to be really particular like the team at LuxxDrops, you may wish to use a wet cloth with one finger to wipe carefully underneath the area to clean up any smudges or excess

  • When pouring the liquid into the drink, pour the liquid carefully into the centre of the glass to avoid splashing the drink candy off the edges. If liquid does hit the rim, the frosting and candy will start to melt and might need some emergency attention. 

Good luck, and have fun! 

Lots of love,

Team LuxxDrops xx

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