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Let's go to beach 🏖

Let's go to beach 🏖

Our must haves for the perfect beach day!

Hey LuxxFam,

It’s our fave time of year… IT’S SUMMER TIME! Pool parties, summer dresses, amazing fresh fruit, sunny skies… the list just goes on.

With so many fab things happening, we thought we would give you a few little summer checklists to cross check! Whether you’re heading out to the beach or out for a night with the crew, we’ve got you covered 😉

Here is our guide of must haves for the perfect beach day, we hope it’s helpful!

☑ Towel, we love the feeling of sand under our feet but let’s not go too crazy
☑ Sunscreen, because no one likes fiery red skin
☑ Water AND A LOT OF IT! Girl it’s hot out there, we gotta hydrate
☑ Not a big water fan? LuxxDrops Xtreme are for you. Flavour, colour and so many sparkles
☑ For our shade loving sisters, an umbrella or little tent will go a long way
☑ Portable speaker for the vibes. Just be mindful of your fellow beach goers!
☑ Fresh fruit is our fave go to snack on the beach. Sweet, sugary but oh so natural
☑ Sunglasses and a hat - stylish and smart
☑ Sustainable steel straws - the turtles will thank you for removing single use plastic straws from their backyard
☑ If you’re flying solo, take a book! It’s legit too hot to be on your phone all day… save your screen from overheating and enjoy some RR&R (relax, reading and recovery) 



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