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Our Quick Christmas Guide

Our Quick Christmas Guide

Some suggestions on how to save time this Xmas so you can spend your day doing what really matters - enjoying time with loved ones.

Christmas is such a special time of year for many people in Australia and around the world. It is a time to come together with loved ones, celebrate the people around you with beautiful memories and gifts, and eat and drink some of the most delicious food possible. But it can be a taaaad stressful, not to mention time consuming (especially if you are the one hosting!) 

Here are a few tips on how to enjoy Christmas to the max, reducing your time prepping or cooking, and spending more with your loved ones!

  • Re-use gift bags
  • If you’re like us, you probably want the gifts you’re giving to look impeccable, and wrapping up multiple presents (especially awkwardly shaped ones) can take up a lot of time! Save time, money and the environment by keeping and reusing any gift bags you have received; whether it be from a birthday, an anniversary, Christmas last year, or something else. Just make sure that if it’s decorated, it matches the festive season, and doesn’t scream ‘Happy Birthday.’

  • Check out your local produce sellers for pre-made goodies 
  • There are some Christmas favourites that you will probably not want to skip (hello garlic prawns and roast potatoes - separately of course 😍), but for the ‘filler’ items why not see what your local produce sellers supply? Whether it’s pre-made skewers from the butchers, a cheese grazing board from a nearby deli, or Christmas cupcakes from a home run business, there are plenty of gorgeous, delicious and affordable options for food. Meaning less time cooking and cleaning, and more time spent with each other. 

  • Bring a plate
  • If you’re more about the home made food, then split the load! Ask everyone to bring a different plate of food. Uncle Terry and Aunty Mary are on salads, cousin Sarah is on roast chicken, and your sister can bring those delicious brownies she makes so well. By dividing up the work, everyone just has something little to do but reaps the rewards of a big Christmas feast. 

  • Allocated Christmas cove
  • Instead of turning your entire house into Santa’s workshop, allocate specific areas for the festivities so you can limit where you need to set up. Make sure when everyone arrives they are aware of what the allocated areas are for, and encourage everyone to stay there. You’re time and decorations will go a lot further when you only have a few rooms to set up vs a whole house!

  • Quick cocktails
  • Our area of expertise… create cocktails in literal seconds with LuxxDrops Xtreme. Pick a clear spirit and clear mixer, and mix together with 1x sachet of Xtreme in a glass and you are DONE! Your guests will have Insta worthy drinks in moments that taste as good as they look, and if you use Christmas colours, could even be used as additional decorations! Plus if you have guests that aren’t drinking, they don’t have to miss out! Simply remove the spirit and you are good to go 🙂

    Our fave Xmas mix for 2021 is gin and tonic with either Watermelon or Green Apple Xtreme - a colourful, Christmas twist on a classic. Buy now in our limited edition Xmas Party Pack here. 

    We hope you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

    Lots of love, 

    Team LuxxDrops x

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