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Pool Party Please

Pool Party Please

Our must haves for the perfect pool party this summer!

Happy New Year Luxx Fam! We hope you all kept safe, had fun, and enjoyed the extra sparkle of summer. 

As promised, our summer checklist continues. Today’s episode - Pool Party Pro. All the things you need for a killer water friendly event to stay cool (especially on those 35+ degree days). 

Ready, set, go:

☑ As per our beach recommendation, be sun smart. Sunscreen and shade go a long way
☑ Blow up pool toys. We’re thinking volley balls, floating flamingos, cup holders, the whole shabang. Make sure you’ve got enough to go around as well, as you know everyone will want a go=
On The Roxx - our latest glassware range. The worst thing about poolside drinks is when they go hot, so give your cocktail it’s own little esky of sorts with these amazing glasses
☑ It’s not a party until the music starts… waterproof speakers will keep your music safe and pumping all day long
☑ Get boujee with your attire. Think yacht pants, cute hats, flowy summer robes - be the queen of your day
☑ A lot of water in the fridge! You don’t realise how dehydrated you can get in the sun, so make sure you’ve got a few water bottles or water jugs lined up in the fridge ready to go. A few trays of ice in the freezer wouldn’t hurt either… 
☑ Easy to eat snacks, and what’s easier than a small grazing board. Our go to is hummus, crackers, carrots, and celery. Healthy and delicious!
☑ And of course, what's a party without some sparkling drinks? Don't forget to get your LuxxDrops shimmer syrups for the brightest, boldest flavoured drinks possible. Try our full strength flavoured syrups today. 

Enjoy! xx

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