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Summer grazing dreams

Summer grazing dreams

For the boldest, brightest and best tasting grazing board around.

Hey LuxxFam,

How is summer treating you? We hope you've been loving the sunny skies and warm weather. Not to mention it really is the social season. And if you're hosting, you know all too well you will need an epic grazing board for your guests! Here are our must haves on any summer grazing board!

☀️ Where it all starts - a great board. Wooden cutting boards are the obvious choice, but look for fun shapes, cute accents and small details for something a bit different and striking
☀️ Citrus fruits. We love oranges and limes cut in half. Although a bigger portion, the large circular shapes are so spectacular, and the size makes it easy to position however you want.
☀️ Grapes! They fill out a lot of space and are so easy to eat
☀️ Soft cheese with a cute cutting knife. No grazing board is complete without at least one piece of cheese (our recommendation is actually two..) Pick contrasting cheese, like blue cheese and brie, to cater for more people.
☀️ Bread sticks. So fun to eat and go with everything!
☀️ Hummus - EVERYONE likes hummus!
☀️ Ok maybe not everyone... for those who don't, some guacamole is a great second dip option.
☀️ For our meat eaters, cold sliced meat is a lovely addition. Our fave is Italian prosciutto
☀️ Keep your hands clean and your polish in tack with our cocktail picks. Not only are they gorgeous and reusable, it's also a great way to reduce too much handling of the food
☀️ Berries! Whether it's strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, whatever, these are great sprinkled in various places on the board
☀️ As a final touch, something bright and a little bit sweet. We love adding a few macarons around the board for a final tweak. 

Let us know how you get on - what you loved, what you didn't quite enjoy, and any other ideas you had when getting creative. 

Enjoy! xxx


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