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The Many Creative Uses of Cocktail Picks

The Many Creative Uses of Cocktail Picks

Our recommendation on the best ways to use stainless steel cocktail picks 😎

Hello again,

You wouldn’t believe the endless amount of fun you can have with cocktail picks. Not only are they environmentally friendly and look gorgeous in drinks, they can be used in a range of other fun ways too.  We’ve  compiled a list of our favourite ways to use our reusable cocktail picks, so you can make the most of them in any situation. 

  • Did you say professional cocktail maker? 
  • If you’re wanting to take your cocktail presentation skills to the next level, we think the easiest solution is to garnish (with a cocktail pick). Not only can the cocktail picks add another texture and colour to your drink all by themself, but they can also be used to skewer, wrap and add lovely little garnishes to your drink too. Anything from berries to olives to lollies can be added to drinks with cocktail picks, and as the LuxxDrop cocktail picks are reusable and made from stainless steel, they can really hold a lot! Our favourite garnish right now? Rainbow cocktail picks with sour strips - GIVE US ALL THE COLOUR! 

  • Endless party appetizers please
  • If you’re hosting a party or having people round for some nibbles, trust us when we say cocktail picks can come in handy! Have a gorgeous cheese board but everyone’s getting their big fingers all over it? Use some cocktail picks. Have some cute mini sausage rolls but they are just out of the oven and absolutely burning? Use some cocktail picks. Plus we have a range of different styles available, so you can even theme your cocktail sticks according to your appetizer. Don’t think Salt Bae has that at his restaurants! 

  • A great picnic hack 
  • So you can use cocktail picks to be a bit fancy when hosting. You can also use them to make your life easier at a picnic! Perfect for creating mini fruit skewers, cheese sticks, or mini cold meat kebabs. They are perfect for a no-fuss snack. Plus, if you’re attending a plastic free picnic, you will be right on theme. 

  • Serve as a sweet stocking filler
  • So it’s not technically another use for cocktail picks, HOWEVER they are a perfect little gift. Whether it’s for a partner who is taking over your kitchen with their cocktail making kits, a friend who is an actual professional bartender, or someone who just enjoy sa good drink, this is a great gift for all! Just make sure whoever you gift this to invites you over to enjoy a cocktail or three as well. 

    They sound good right? Check out our range of gorgeous stainless-steel cocktail picks available now. Currently available in rainbow stars, rose gold arrows, gold hearts, and classic silver pin picks.

    Did you use one of our tips above? Make sure you take a photo or video and share it with us to be in the running to win our monthly customers giveaway! 

    Lots of love,
    Team LuxxDrops xx

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