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The perfect Insta shot

The perfect Insta shot

Our tips and tricks to take the most perfect pics & videos possible 📸

So life is obviously about living… It’s about being with your friends, living in the moment, having a good time. But we’d be lying to ourselves if we said we didn’t want to capture some of those great moments to relive again, again… and again and again. And we get it, we love do it too! So if you’re having a cocktail night, and want to capture some of the moments, we think it’s only right of us to let you know how to capture the best photos and videos of your LuxxDrops drinks humanly possible…

These drinks are SPECTACULAR for photos, videos and just the Gram and TikTok in general. But to really capture everything, these are our content creation teams secret tips:

  • Always have the drink moving when you are photographing/ recording it i.e. use a straw, a spoon, any kind of mixer, and swirl it around. You will get the best swirl effect.
  • Use clear liquids. Our products work best in clear or very light coloured drinks.
  • Chill your ingredients where possible, and put ice in the glass last. This will make sure the syrup mixes evenly and smoothly through all the drink, and not get stuck on the ice. 
  • Use flash, but preferably on a different phone. Using flash on your own phone means there will be a millisecond delay. This might be fine, but on something like a boomerang it will ensure a maximum ‘WOW’ effect. 
  • Use clear glassware to really see well through. 
  • If your drink starts building a bit of condensation on the outside, just wipe it down with a paper towel to remove the water residue. 
  • Make it colourful! Our shimmer mixers stand out, but don’t forget to garnish with drink candy, dehydrated fruit, olives on cocktail picks, the sky's the limit! And it really will make your drinks pop a bit more. 

So what do you think… feel like a photography pro now? We would love to see how your images and videos turn out after learning the above, so please tag and share with us on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest and Facebook if you’ve given this a go! We can keep sharing and inspiring each other!

Lots of love,
Team LuxxDrops xx

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