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Welcome to the fam!

Welcome to the fam!


Hey there!

Thanks so much for popping by. We’re super excited to (finally, we know) be launching our community pages here on our website. Woop woop! 

We get so many great questions and brilliant ideas from our LuxxDrops fam, we thought we could put all the wisdom in one place. Created an epic recipe? Tell us about it and we’ll post it! Not sure what colour combos to have in cocktails? Ask us, we’ll do all the digging, and come back to you with an answer! 

It’s a show and tell, an elaborate Q&A, a place where we can share all the wonderful things we all know about cocktails and good times. 

We’ll be releasing new community pages as often as we can. The more our community shares, the more information there will be. 

Make sure you are subscribed to our website to get monthly updates on all the new pages coming out. And at any point if you have any questions or anything you’d like to share, be sure to get in touch with the team. 

Thank you for being here, we love and appreciate you! 

We’ll see you sparkling souls soon. 


Team LuxxDrops xxx

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