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Who loves celebrating love 😍

Who loves celebrating love 😍


Hi there Luxx Fam,

We hope you had a glorious weekend. Did you know we are less than a month out to Feb 14th..? Otherwise known as Valentine's Day, Galentines Day, or just Lovers Day. This day isn't for everyone and that's absolutely fine - here at Luxx Fam though we LOVE CELEBRATING LOVE, all love! So we wanted to give you a few tips for the day, no matter if you're celebrating it with a partner, a friend, or just yourself ☺️ 

Valentine's Day 
Looking for a loved up night? You gotta have these: 
❤️ Killer playlist. Set the mood with some amazing, romantic music
❤️ Something THOUGHTFUL! It's the thought that always counts the most. A hand written card, a cute little poem, print outs of your fave photos, just something that is a nice, small, personal touch
❤️ Gorgeous drinks. Our Prosecco Gift Sets include customised glitter Prosecco bottles, 2x glitter glasses, our unique shimmer syrup, and a range of cute little loving additions. You will not find drinks that sparkle more than this!
❤️ There are some things that are reserved for romantic occasions. A Luxx Fam fave is chocolate covered strawberries... delish!

Galentines Day
Have a fab day or night planned with your pals? Here are some fun ideas for you!
💛 Letter exchange - let each other know what you love about them. Our pals usually notice and love things about ourselves we wouldn't of even thought of, so let's hear it!
💛 Do something good for your body - try out a class together! Whether it's starting the day with some sunrise yoga, a lunch time twerk class, or heading out after work for a boxing sesh before dinner, moving your body with your pals is guaranteed to end with a lot of smiles
💛 Enjoy all the vibes of VDay, just with your pal! Like chocolates and a cute picnic set up? 

Just another day
Not a fan of Feb 14th? Just because you don't want to celebrate with someone else, doesn't mean you can't use it as a nice reminder for some self love! Here are some nice R&R tips for you to treat yourself. 
💖 Download a podcast and put your phone on flight mode! Disconnect from social media, news and notifications for an hour and just enjoy listening to something that makes you feel good
💖 Have a bath. Omg we love a bath!
💖 Find your fave spot in the house and enjoy a cocktail and some delish food. Our recommendation? A sparkling lime gin and tonic with a side of smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber bite 🤤

We hope however you spend the day, it's full of love and good vibes!

Enjoy xx

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