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Winter Drinks

Winter Drinks

Our fave drinks to enjoy in the colder months ❄️

One great thing about the cool weather, is it means it's time for HOT drinks ☕️ We're not just talking about a cuppa tea, there are so many delish drinks you can try...

- Mulled wine is a classic winter treat. A warm wine with a range of spices and fruits, add our Dehydrated Fruits for extra flavour and a glamorous touch
- Hot Milo. Need we say more? 🇦🇺
- Irish coffee - whiskey, coffee, sugar and cream. Delicious
- If you're not a fan of mulled wine, maybe hot apple cider will be for you! Another warming option
- An excuse for more coffee! Why not make it a bit boujee with chocolate powder on the rim of your glass using our Dip n Sip? You deserve it 💅

Enjoy xx

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