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Sparkling Sunshine Mocktail

Sparkling Sunshine Mocktail

A quick and easy mocktail recipe, great for a staycation with the whole fam 🏖

Making mocktails has never been easier with our Xtreme shimmer syrups. Create beautiful and delicious drinks suitable for the whole fam with this great recipe!


1x Xtreme Pineapple
Lemonade (or soda water if you are looking for a healthier alternative) 
Drink Candy in Green
Sugar syrup
Pineapple drink accessories - we love Pineapple stirrers 

How to: 

Rim your favourite glass with sugar syrup and the Drink Candy. For quick and easy application, use our Dip n Sip. 
Mix the Xtreme Pineapple well, so that all shimmer is equally dispersed.
Tear open sachet and pour into your glass, being careful to avoid the rim. 
Top up with lemonade (or soda water). 
Add your pineapple drink stirrer. 

Enjoy! xx

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