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Sparkling Tropical Dream

Sparkling Tropical Dream


How can I create a delicious blue tropical flavour that is low in Calories, made with just under 100% natural Australian ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners?

Simple! All you needed to add is one tropical Xtreme sachet. Its practically guilt free, containing only 33 calories per serve.

The recipe:

45ml Pineapple Rum

15ml Coconut Rum

15ml Velvet Falernum

60ml Unsweetend pineapple juice

60ml Coconut Water

Squeeze lime Juice

1 Xtreme sachet Tropical Luxx Drops (or to taste)

How To:

Place All Ingredients (except Luxx Drop Sachet) with ice and shake vigorously until combined

Double strain into your favourite long glass.

Next, ensure you shake the sachet very well – Rolling it between my 2 hands works well!

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