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Shimmering beverages made quicker than you can say vodka lime soda.

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LuxxDrops Original

Our first ever shimmering product creates the WOW factor in just 4 simple steps.
See why this has been a crowd favourite at events and parties for years.

LuxxDrops Xtreme

The latest product to join the LuxxDrops family, Xtreme sachets have the exact amount needed for a deliciously shimmering bubbly beverage.

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LuxxDrops Pump Bottles

Our biggest product and great for large scale events. They may be mighty, but they're just as easy to use!
Cheers to that!

โญ๏ธ Low Calorie

Guilt free addition to your drink, containing only 6 calories per serve

โญ๏ธ Natural Flavours

Made with natural ingredients and no artificial sweeteners

โญ๏ธ Subtle Fruity Taste

Don't expect LuxxDrops to taste like cordial. 2 full squeezes adds a very subtle flavour.

See How to Create your LuxxDrops Beverage