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Watermelon Margarita 🍉

Watermelon Margarita 🍉


Love Margs? How about watermelon? Combine the two and you get this AMAZING twist on the old classic. 


60ml tequila
30ml triple sec
30ml lime juice (plus extra for rimming the glass)
1x LuxxDrops Xtreme Watermelon (shake well)
Dip n Sip (optional)

How to: 

Rim your margarita glass with lime juice and salt. PRO TIP use our Dip n Sip and some sugar syrup for the perfect glass rimming!
Add tequila, triple sec, lime juice, and ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake well.
Pour your Xtreme Watermelon syrup into the glass. Strain and pour the mix from your cocktail shaker into your margarita glass, being careful not to hit any of the salt. 

Enjoy! xx

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